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Math Build Up ℠ Usage (Grades 3-6)

The Math Build-Up ℠ Package is a great tool to use throughout the school year. At the beginning of the school year it can be used to reinforce previous grade level skills and preview current grade level skills. At the end of the school year it can be used to reinforce current grade level skills and preview future grade level concepts and skills. Math Build-Up℠ can also be used as HomePrep throughout the school year as well as SummerPrep in preparation for the next school year.

Concept Reinforcing Practice Sheets

Each practice sheet addresses the essentials of the concepts being covered in the Math Build-Up℠ Package. Students gain confidence in understanding what is expected of them and the support to execute with success. This makes completion of the Math Build-Up℠ Package fun, fluid and fast!

Easy to Understand Examples

For more challenging problems, examples are given before introduction to the material. With an easy to understand format, the student quickly acquires the essentials necessary to complete the more challenging exercises. Quik-Points ℠ highlights the most important points for each concept.

Frequent Quik-Checks

These comprehensive set of problems allow Math Coaches (Parents/Teachers/Tutors) a quick way of determining whether or not the student understands and is retaining the concepts being covered in each section of the Math Build-Up ℠ Package.

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