ACALETICS® Math Program

We partner with K-12 schools to improve the math achievement of their students and close/reverse any existing achievement gaps through our innovative program.


We Make Math Achievement Easy!

Does preparing students to demonstrate mastery of math state standards feel like a dull, unending cycle of equations and practice problems? Do unengaged, frustrated students weigh on teacher confidence and lead to uncertainty about overall achievement? We observed this struggle and created a way to transform how students learn the fundamentals of math.

1 million +

Students Impacted


Schools Impacted

Call us now if you have questions. Phone (Toll-Free): 866-877-1222


We provide our clients an extremely high Return On Investment (ROI), typically within one school-year.

We measure ROI in terms of dramatic results in Math, as follows:


See an increase in the percentage of students scoring at/or above grade level.

Learning Gain/Growth

Witness growth for students at all levels.

Achievement Gap

Watch subgroup achievement gaps close/reverse.


The ACALETICS Math program consists of

4 Key Components – EDU-neering ℠ :

Professional Development

The Special Venue: In the CLASSROOM!!!! with REAL Students, Your Students!

Differentiated Consultation (DC)

One Size Does Not Fit All:

There are Different Bright Spots in every school to be IDENTIFIED & LEVERAGED.

Standards-aligned Supplemental Materials

Our effective “process” is embedded in our materials! We SUPPORT our Supplemental Materials/Support Tools with our customized Online Math Portal, ongoing onsite visits and 800#. With our 800#, you will receive a call back from a Consultant within 24 hours!

Parent & Student Engagement Services

Customized Online Math Portal

Math Club ℠ within Every Classroom – An NFL Environment Well-received Parent Workshops: “Math Club ℠ for Parents” Incentive Packages for Students.


The ACALETICS method of math instruction teaches students that the preparation required to be a good athlete is what is necessary to be a good student – practice, practice, practice!

Educational Development Associates, Inc. (EDA) was founded in 1985 by ivy-league graduates as a learning center specializing in mathematics. EDA offers several research-based, results-based supplemental products and services to schools to boost student performance and achievement. Through its innovative ACALETICS Math program, EDA has helped more than 1 million students and over 600 schools dramatically improve classroom instruction and learning, test scores, and student competence and confidence by providing invaluable resources and direct support to school administrators, teachers, students and parents.

On July 19, 2010, ACALETICS was recognized by the Florida Department of Education and the Council for Educational Change (CEC), established by the Florida Annenberg Challenge, as a Best Practice in Mathematics at the 8th Florida Leadership Academy held at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

For a free, in-class math instructional strategy demonstration at your school or to learn more about ACALETICS please call: 1-866-877-1222.


Return on Investment (ROI)

"As school systems nationwide sign multimillion-dollar contracts with universities and educational companies to save struggling schools, Educational Development Associates signs individual schools at a fraction of the cost and often produced immediate results using its innovative program ACALETICS."

The Miami Herald


"Mr. Bell,

I am at a Harvard course and I am in a workshop right now regarding Efficacy. While I have always had that belief, it has been you and Ms. Laurent who help me communicate my belief and drive with others. Thank you for helping me. There are not many of you out there to help…. The children deserve it. Thank you!"

Principal, Manatee County, FL

Student Engagement

"Good Morning, I just received my box of goodies and I wanted to thank you for it! I am so excited to do this program with my son. We already started the first book and he's very into it so I know he will enjoy the rest of it. My class is very into the program as well. They are having fun with it which makes it so much easier for me... We are extremely appreciative of everything you have done to help us implement this program into our classrooms. Thank you again and looking forward to seeing you on your next visit!! Have a great day!!"

Grade 3 Teacher, Broward County, FL

Global Impact

"I began using the ACALETICS supplemental curriculum in 5007 while working in Gadsden County. The FCAT math scores during my years in Gadsden County went up dramatically showing extraordinary growth. In 5010 I relocated to the Middle East and taught at the intermediate grade levels. I most definitely used the strategies, the hooks, and the unique repetition that ACALETICS provides. By winter break my students had exceeded grade level expectations in several areas and the Head of Faculty/Asst. Principal began to observe my classes. By the end of the school year, the EMSA results (External Measure of Student Achievement) were beyond expectations! I have since returned to the U.S. and I am teaching in Wakulla County, Fl. I have used ACALETICS for seven years with great success and look forward to the same success this year.”

Marsha Bowers, Teacher, COAST CHARTER SCHOOL, Wakulla County, FL

Why I Like Quik-Piks:

"I really like Quik-Piks because they are fun and they get me ready for the FCAT and help me to feel prepared. I like how they have similar problems over and over again to help me remember how to do them and get really good at them. For example, even before our class started learning about fractions in our math book, I had already learned a lot about fractions because we had been doing them in Quik-Piks. They're great!" ☺

R.S. Grade 3, Orlando, FL

Immediate Impact

"It is amazing what one year of Acaletics has done for Moton Elementary School. We are thrilled by the results of our FCAT scores and the increased effectiveness of Acaletics principles in the deliverance of math instruction."

Donnie Moen, Principal, Moton Elementary School, Brooksville, FL.

Higher Order Thinking

"The staff and I feel the new comprehensive component helped our students achieve success on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). There is no other program that comes close to teaching and reinforcing the higher order thinking skills that children must acquire in order to meet the challenges of today's society."

Frances A. Rotford, Principal, Norwood Elementary School, Miami, FL.

A Winning Combination

"It's a year since we adopted the Educational Development Services, Inc. Program and I must now add my name to the testimonial list of satisfied clients of EDA. We're very proud of our decision to implement the EDA Program as it was very therapeutic for us. When we combined your recommended strategies, periodic assessments, our textbooks, and the CBC competencies, we had a winning combination..."

Linette M. Coleman, Principal, West Homestead Elementary School, Homestead, FL.



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